Comprehensive PeopleSoft Vulnerability Management Solution

PeopleSoft vulnerability management refers to fixing and prioritizing security vulnerabilities in the product line marketed by Oracle. This includes Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), Financial Management Solutions (FMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and software for student administration to large corporations, governments, and educational organizations.

Most importantly, education information stored in PeopleSoft applications refers to confidential data by its nature (e.g., individually identifiable student and staff records) and de jure, must be protected from all parties who do not have proper rights to use it (e.g., FERPA).

PeopleSoft vulnerability management

Nonetheless, due to the complexity and customization, PeopleSoft applications are imperfect in terms of cybersecurity and prone to many cyber attacks.

That is to say, a fraudster is able to use education information for falsifying different financial data (e.g., donations, grants, tuition fees), substituting documents, recruiting and admitting applicants, and changing student grades.

Each time, cybersecurity researchers find increasing number of loopholes urging the vendor to release updates. For instance, Oracle issued a total of 66 fixes the previous year.

PeopleSoft Vulnerability Management

In the same vein, hackers frequently take advantage of vulnerabilities, that’s why it’s essential for any organization to address PeopleSoft vulnerability management.

EdGuards Grader for vulnerability management

PeopleSoft Security Grader is an award-winning solution protecting PeopleSoft applications against cyber attacks.

EdGuards Grader is a solution, which facilitates PeopleSoft vulnerability management and keeps high-risk campus systems safe from PeopleSoft issues, threats, and data breaches. Further, it brings security to every department at educational institutions.

In addition, EdGuards Grader builds the process of PeopleSoft vulnerability management by

  • Identifying vulnerabilities
  • Fixing misconfigurations
  • Detecting vulnerabilities and backdoors in source code
  • Managing access control and user rights

Thus serving education, EdGuards’ data-protection solution addresses industry-specific challenges, minimize security risks organizations face today, and bring security to every department at educational institutions that use PeopleSoft applications.

PeopleSoft vulnerability management solution scheme

Why EdGuards for PeopleSoft vulnerability management?

  1. The company is intended to solve PeopleSoft security problems specific to the education industry. It provides a comprehensive view of the entire infrastructure weaknesses, potential risks, and recommendations in a timely manner to improve the cybersecurity score of an organization.
  2. EdGuards Grader is the only solution that combines security assessment of four most important application security areas. They are vulnerabilities, configuration, customization, access control.
  3. The solution provides analytical and remediation details and is capable of high-level trend analysis and task delegation.
  4. The Grader is an award-winning solution in numerous nominations.
  5. Moreover, EdGuards experts support the EGNews project and collaborate with Oracle and EDUCAUSE.

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