PeopleSoft Vulnerability Assessment and Pentest

Why is PeopleSoft vulnerability assessment necessary?

A significant number of security flaws revealed in this software in the education industry proves that it is possible for a third party to gain control over it, obtain mission critical data, be it social security numbers or HR, supplier and even credit card data.

There are real examples of data breaches caused by vulnerabilities in Oracle PeopleSoft applications in educational organizations.
In 2012 University of Nebraska (UNL) officials have identified an undergraduate student who hacked into a system-wide database

worldwide use this software, among them are large corporations, governments, and educational organizations.
Type of organizations
The number of incidents targeting educational organizations increases each year and this piece has shown just a few examples of security incidents happened recently. The situation cannot but cause concern.
PeopleSoft vulnerability assessment vs. PeopleSoft penetration testing
A PeopleSoft vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying vulnerabilities in PeopleSoft applications and network infrastructures and providing an organization with the necessary background to understand the risks and information on how to react appropriately. The aim is to reduce the chance that an attacker will exploit a vulnerability, breach systems, and grab the secret data. The process involves the use of automated testing tools, whose results are listed in a report.
Educational organizations should employ vulnerability testing on a regular basis to ensure the security of their networks, particularly when changes are made, e.g., services are added, new equipment is installed or ports are opened.
PeopleSoft penetration testing is another process that uncovers insecure configuration and verifies the reliability of implemented security measures. Penetration tests serve to check for potential system breaches that most attackers rely on to get access to business-critical data for malicious purposes.

How to perform PeopleSoft assessment and PeopleSoft penetration testing?

EdGuards Grader is the only solution that combines PeopleSoft security assessment of the four most important application security areas:




Access control

PeopleSoft assessment consists of five actions:

PeopleSoft Vulnerabilities identification by black-box scanning
Exploitation of the identified vulnerabilities
User passwords decryption
Post-exploitation and data gathering to breach interconnected systems
Accessing key data of an educational organization
After the PeopleSoft vulnerability assessment procedure, a report will be released that lists vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, describes potential risks and attack vectors, details cybersecurity guidelines for system configuration, and gives recommendations for vulnerability patching.

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