Artificial Intelligence will be used for discovering new medicine

September 3, 2019

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AI helps to discover new healthcare ingredients

Artificial Intelligence News on July 1, 2019

The impact of AI on the healthcare industry cannot be overestimated, but this time we are not talking about forecasting the course of disease, but inventing something new. An Irish startup is aiming to discover five new healthcare ingredients by 2021 with the help of AI technologies.

Nuritas, with its headquarter located in Dublin, has already used AI to discover an ingredient to help to treat inflammation. It is supposed to be added to sports nutrition products by the end of 2019. The debut ingredient was found while collaborating with BASF, a chemical giant from Germany. While normally it takes between five and seven years to discover a new ingredient using traditional methods, AI have made it possible to discover it in just two.

To have something in market that quickly is just exceedingly disruptive by comparison to what’s normally the case with that particular arena.

Nuritas CEO Emmet Browne.

Currently it remains unknown what the next discoveries will be, but Nuritas believes five more ingredients are about to appear within the next 12-18 months. Among the investors of Nuritas, there are Salesforce founder Marc Benioff, and U2’s Bono and the Edge, and the startup has already raised £40 million from several investors.

AI is to replace McDonald’s drive-thru workers

Metro News on September 11, 2019

Artificial intelligence might replace people taking McDonald’s drive-thru orders in near future. If someone wants a McMeal he or she will have to speak to a disembodied voice. The voice is able to ask key questions like if a client wants fries with a burger or not. Now, one of the world biggest fast-food chains is buying a Apprente start-up developing voice-based, conversational technology. The development will be able to communicate with customers in their cars and send their orders to the kitchen. According to McDonald’s officials, the technology is supposed to make all the process faster and more convenient. The feature is also be adapted to a mobile application. According to the World Economic Forum, machines will probably occupy over a half of the human jobs by 2025.

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s president and chief executive, said the new technology was developed especially for meeting rising expectations from customers and making it easier for workers to serve clients.

‘Apprente’s gifted team, and the technology they have developed, will form McD Tech Labs, a new group integrated in our global technology team that will take our culture of innovation one step further.

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s president and chief executive.

The fast food giant is willing to increase its weight in the tech capital Silicon Valley. The company is hiring additional engineers, data scientists and other IT experts.

10 ways banks can benefit from AI

Built In on September 20, 2019

AI technologies are gaining popularity in various spheres of human activity and banking sector is no exception. The article covers 10 ways financial institutions can benefit from artificial intelligence. With the help of intelligent technologies, all the banking processes become faster, safer and easier. Many financial organization have implemented AI-enabled chatbots and voice assistants.

Kasisto is a company that has introduced a conversational AI platform, KAI, which can be used by banks for creating their own chatbots and virtual assistants that will be able to deal with various questions, such as the ones about finance management.

Pepper is One of the world’s most famous robots, recently it has incorporated the AI technologies. Its main aim is handling hosting duties for HSBC and helping customers.

AI also has a significant impact on the middle office functions, where banks manage protection against malefactors. This includes fraud detection, anti-money laundering initiatives and know-your-customer identity verification and it benefited from AI a lot.

These are just several examples of how AI can impact the banking sector and strengthen both various banking processes and protection.

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