What to Do with the Lack of EdTech Cybersecurity Info?

July 31, 2018
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Collective action problem of EdTech cybersecurity tools relevant info

EdScoop on July 26, 2018

A new survey reveals that while looking for the information about technology tools designed for education or EdTech security ones, most tech-savvy teachers, individual educators, school administrators, and IT leaders across the US tend to use web searches and sometimes vendor information. They are not satisfied with it.

When decisions are made and technology (including EdTech security) tools are implemented, their pros and cons still remain unknown. Thus, schools need relevant information and there is a strong demand for broadly available central repository for schools to share what they have learned.

Google dealing with college rankings

Education Dive on July 31, 2018

In order to solve the problem related to students, who want more information about college value, Google decided to offer data on institutions when their names are entered into the search function. The tech giant is planning to include specific information about costs, financial aid, admissions, graduation rates, and graduates’ income levels. Although traditional college rankings still require data, there are growing efforts to provide students with better information. States such as Texas also have attempted to work around the lack of data.

Teachers’ professional development

EdTech Focus on K-12 on July 31, 2018

School districts prefer to spend millions of dollars on the technology than have no money left over for much-needed professional learning. When teachers lack the necessary professional learning and digital training with relevant resources, students become hungry for knowledge. Teachers share this feeling.

If you want devices or software to work well in a classroom, professional learning is a must.

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