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December 11, 2018

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While completed homework is an eternal problem, technologies in the faculty wish list is about to become a reality. They are called digital natives and they may change sights on employment. Meet gen Z-ers!

Teachers’ letter to Santa: VR gear, interactive large-screen displays and completed homework

Campus Technology on December 5, 2018

While completed homeworks is an eternal problem, technologies in the faculty wish list is about to become a reality.

According to a recent survey of faculty members, the most desirable EdTech tool for the classroom is virtual reality gear. The second in the rate are interactive, large-screen displays, followed by detachable tablets, 3D scanners and interactive projectors.

When it comes to describing a typical classroom of nowadays, traditional computers or laptops remain the most common hardware in use. Nearly 70% of respondents have non-interactive projectors in the classroom. What is noteworthy, the tech that has seen the most increase since 2017 survey is robotics systems.

By the way, while the technologies demand is expected to grow, the question of their security should also be a matter of users concern.

Together we are stronger! Universities joined to fight cyber threats

eCampus News on December 7, 2018

The following quotation can explain everything:

With tens of thousands of students, faculty, and staff, university campuses are really like small cities, with sensitive data and powerful computing systems that are coveted by cyber criminals.

Tom Davis, OmniSOC founding executive director and chief information security officer

But do not rush to shut down your laptop and put it on the far shelf. Despite the constant universities networks threats, offering a cybercriminal’s dream, there is an effective way to mitigate them.

Five of Big Ten Academic Alliance universities have launched OmniSOC, a cybersecurity operations center that provides rapid, actionable cybersecurity intelligence to its members. Using the real-time data from each campus attender, OmniSOC identifies the malicious activity and provides rapid response through human analysis and machine learning.

Well, joint forces are a time-tested solution and, when it comes to combating cyber threats in education sector, this alliance is especially actual.

Hour of Code for computer skills upload

EdScoop on December 10, 2018

If you want to celebrate “an hour”, you will find a list of possible occasions. For instance, you may enjoy the Golden Hour or join the Earth Hour. Now you can take a pen and add an Hour of Code to this list.

On Friday, educational organizations around the world took part in the Hour of Code. Hundreds of schools in about 180 countries participated in the event, designed to engage students in computer programming. Moreover, there was a unique instance of the state’s participation – the North Dakota government coordinated the coding event across both K-12 and higher education.

In fact, 50% of parents believe that coding and computer programming will be essential skills for the future employability of their children, according to a Microsoft study.

Generation Z changes employment landscape

eCampus News on on December 10, 2018

They are entering the workforce and bringing a strong desire to explore IT careers. They are called digital natives and they may change sights on employment. Meet gen Z-ers!

Recently a Dell survey found that four out of five generation Z members hope to work with innovative technology, while nearly 80% are ready to be tech mentors to older coworkers. Although about 90% of respondents recognize they are entering the age of human-machine partnership, 75% of them expect to learn the job from coworkers not online, leaving in-person communication with colleges a preferred method of interaction.

Therefore, have you already reviewed your CV on a matter of technology skills?

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