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September 6, 2018

Take a glance at the most discussed cybersecurity topics of the week.

People + industries + underfunded cybersecurity budgets = cyberattacks

Lexington Herald Leader on August 31, 2018

A potential harm caused by hackers is not tangible (unlike clients and products) and, consequently, isn’t taken into account. You can’t see a cyberattack but it can hurt your business, particularly if your company is located in the metro areas of Las Vegas, Memphis, Houston, Providence or Charlotte. According to a recent report, businesses in these areas are more likely to be hit with cyberattacks than any other metro areas in the US.

Hackers have a great opportunity to victimize small businesses with phishing, ransomware, and the cloud as these are the top cyber threats to enterprises. You can be prepared for cyberattacks if you are aware of risks and take preventative measures in due time.

Cyber ​​hygiene basics

Forbes on August 31, 2018

Cybersecurity culture brings us discussions about nation-state cyber weapons, but everyone forgets about a cybersecurity problem associated with the exploitation of common vulnerabilities. An accident caused by exploitation of a trivial vulnerability leading to the equally detrimental consequences are more frequent than advanced issues.

A complete program of cybersecurity should start with solutions that are included in the concept of cyber hygiene. They are:

  • network segmentation;
  • patching;
  • hardening techniques;
  • the security of protocols;
  • the security of authentication credentials.

Australian government appoints Elbit to train Defence in cyber

ZDNet on September 4, 2018

Elbit Systems of Australia will provide the Department of Defence with cyber training and teaching materials to enhance Australia’s cybersecurity capability. 49 cyber warfare specialists that graduated from the Australian Defence Force’s inaugural Accelerated Defensive Cyber Training program will use the new cyber training range to improve their skills.

The Australian government is committed to strengthening its cyber capabilities to protect Defence and other critical government systems from malicious cyber intrusion and disruption

Christopher Pyne, Minister for Defence

Under the fund, the federal government previously handed over AU$5.7 million to universities in Australia, aimed at developing technologies to be used by the Australian Defence Force.

Vietnamese cybersecurity concerns

ZDNet on September 4, 2018

Cybersecurity professionals believe that small and medium businesses in Vietnam don’t realize the real size of a threat cyberattackers pose.

Some factors, which make risks more acute in Vietnam, are the widespread use of pirated software and the love-hate relationship with China.

Vietnam doesn’t have enough IT professionals who are able to reduce cyber threats. So, all staff should have at least a basic understanding of good cyber awareness. Security advisers recommend recalling basic techniques like strong passwords or avoiding pirated software and suspicious links.

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