How PeopleSoft Welcomes New Academic Year

September 5, 2018
PeopleSoft academic year and cybersecurity

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PeopleSoft “doesn’t play well”

SIG NAL on August 29, 2018

The first Academic Senate meeting of the 2018-19 ‘PeopleSoft academic year’ addressed the discussions on student courses being categorized incorrectly in Stan State’s online portal as well as the illegality of posting course materials online.

Updating the course catalog of California State University Stanislaus has been an ongoing collaboration between various departments but PeopleSoft “doesn’t play well”. There were 7,000 courses located wrongly, according to Dr. Betsy Eudey, University Educational Policies Committee Chair.

The only solution now is to manually move each students’ courses to the correct category. So wish them patience.

MyNevada 2.0 for the new semester

The Nevada Sagebrush on August 29, 2018

Students see that MyNevada has gotten an upgrade as classes begin for the fall semester. The development of the updated MyNevada website was in the works for approximately nine months. The product that supported MyNevada was a product made by PeopleSoft called Portal.

PeopleSoft Portal was made to integrate the student information system the HR system and financial system. We are doing a large update to PeopleSoft over the next year. PeopleSoft Portal required a lot of technical maintenance and had to be kept in alignment with student information systems. There were two PeopleSoft products that were running but we only needed one.

Heather Turk of Registrar, Records, and Registrations

So MyNevada 2.0 was the solution to a simpler and easier to use website for students and faculty.

The software vendor is asked to give what the School District paid for

Bradenton Herald on August 30, 2018

Installing PeopleSoft, a business management system functioning as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, costed the School District of Manatee County $20 million. The project vendor was asked to fix a set of core issues at no cost to the district.

District staff members recently worked on more than a dozen problems, according to a list distributed at the board meeting. The news release said they were not affecting students or teachers, but that statement was challenged.

We knew we were going to have a few challenges, but we have a great team of people who are identifying those challenges and working out solutions. And I can assure you we will have a solid plan after Friday of our next step.

Manatee Schools Superintendent Cynthia Saunders

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