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December 5, 2018
Good PeopleSoft News

PeopleSoft News Round-up is a monthly news overview that gives an insight into the latest PeopleSoft-related events as well as brief summaries and links to articles on PeopleSoft security.

Good PeopleSoft News: ASU’s Graduate College listed as Oracle’s PeopleSoft Innovator

ASU Now on November 13, 2018

October’s roundup referred to the Oracle’s list of PS innovators, and one of them – the Graduate College of Arizona State University (ASU) – has shared the detailed success story.

The College was recognized as a PeopleSoft Innovator for its development of the new improved Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS), a custom-built application for graduate students and employees that is only available at ASU. The aim is to track a student’s progress by making sure the academic plans will fulfill all requirements.

The iPOS is one of the first applications at ASU to utilize PeopleSoft Fluid, a solution which ensures the app works on mobile devices and tablets as well as on desktops.

One of the major strengths of PeopleSoft is its ability for custom development. The Graduate College knew it could design an innovative solution using the PeopleSoft platform to quickly deliver a new product that would be modern, user-friendly, and completely meet its current and future requirements.

Robert Yosowitz, director of IT services at University Technology Office

Oracle included the College in the list of innovators due to the level of collaboration, user-testing, and taking advantage of the latest technology.

Peoplesoft vs. Pega Applications

Enterprise Times on November 29, 2018

It seems that PeopleSoft starts losing ground. Pega, which uses several solutions including human resources, finance, and security applications, is winning an increasing number of contracts away from Oracle in the Government Sector. However, it does not mean the end of Oracle as the HCM technology provider to the FBI though.

The FBI has chosen Pega’s applications to streamline operations across the Bureau. The Human Capital Management (HCM) application will modernize elements of the Oracle PeopleSoft HCM, part of the FBI HR application, HR Source.

The FBI may continue to use PeopleSoft for another decade at least.

University’s new HR and finance software

The Justice on November 20, 2018

PeopleSoft or Workday? Brandeis’ Information and Technology Services has decided to make a change and selected Workday as the University’s administrative software.

PeopleSoft and Workday are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that help to run business processes and streamline information. They integrate various functions into one complete system, according to Oracle.

The University chose PeopleSoft as the ERP software 16 years ago. Since then, departments on campus have customized it according to their needs to run certain reports and get specific information like their department’s budgets, hiring processes and tax forms. However, numerous and constant customization cluttered up PeopleSoft. The University’s chief information officer Jim La Creta claims that now the system runs like an old laptop.

Although implementing Workday is not a simple process, Workday promises to save approximately 160,000 sheets of paper per year and avoid the customization problem the PeopleSoft currently labors under.

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