PeopleSoft Now and Then

April 3, 2023
peoplesoft now and then

PeopleSoft News Round-up is a monthly news overview that gives an insight into the latest PeopleSoft-related events as well as brief summaries and links to articles on PeopleSoft security. Let us talk about PeopleSoft now and then.

Some facts about PeopleSoft: Did you know?

Today more than 5,000 organizations use PeopleSoft (PS), which is a big number. Different PS applications help organizations run their businesses, and their number becomes much larger.

The facts below illustrate what distinguishes PeopleSoft from other business applications.

  • PeopleSoft has a written promise that it will be supported through 2030. And this can’t but produce satisfaction for customers.
  • Although PS already has great functionality, one new feature is added to a system every day. In total, nearly 2,000 new features have been released over the last few years.
  • PS User Interface is called Fluid. According to Sierra-Cedar’s HR Systems Survey, users rank Fluid as a top user interface.
  • PS rolls out four updates a year. PeopleSoft updates flexibility is yet another advantage. You can accept all the new functions each quarter or accept only those you’re interested in. Further, you are able to delay other updates and keep your own schedule.

So, did you know these facts? Anyway, you do now.

PeopleSoft Now!

Good news for Youtube vlogs and PeopleSoft interviews lovers. This month, Oracle has launched a new innovative web show called “PeopleSoft Now!”.

The show host invites guests and brings discussions of topical PeopleSoft themes. The first episode features Sasank Vemana from Florida State University. He shares his experiences with PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.

The “PeopleSoft Now!” also has Geof Corb from Oracle’s Higher Education team. They cover PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and education customers transitioning to the cloud.

The show keeps you in the know about PeopleSoft, so enjoy!

Global PeopleSoft Day

Live, use PeopleSoft, and learn. This is a piece of advice from Quest Oracle Community, which held 2019 Global PeopleSoft Day on 25 March, and offered in-depth PeopleSoft education.

Global PeopleSoft Day delivers six webinars:

  • Global Payroll Enhancements for Administrators and Developers
  • PeopleSoft Questionnaire Framework
  • PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 8.0
  • Event Mapping, DropZones, and Personalized Analytic Notification
  • PeopleSoft Fluid Simplified Journal
  • PeopleSoft Supplier Scorecarding

This was a one-day event with conference-quality virtual education at times tailored to those in locations outside the Americas.

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