Technological Innovations within PeopleSoft

January 2, 2019

PeopleSoft News Round-up is a monthly news overview that gives an insight into the latest PeopleSoft-related events as well as brief summaries and links to articles on PeopleSoft security and technological innovations within PeopleSoft.

What’s new with PeopleSoft HCM Fluid Company Directory?

Oracle Blog on December 11, 2018

First, you may ask what is PeopleSoft HCM Company Directory. Well, it is a powerful and easy-to-use feature that offers multiple services for searching employee information and viewing the organizational structure, including various reports.

Company Directory uses an Organization Chart Viewer (Org Chart) utility that provides an intuitive visualization of organizational relationships to help employees easily view and understand those relationships. Having the ability to print, download, and export the org chart are popular features with employees and administrators.

The Directory is Fluid-based implying that employees can access an organization’s employee directory from any device – desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

According to Oracle, now PeopleSoft Company Directory feature has become more modern and flexible and can simplify a manager’s life.

PeopleSoft Grants Management System Market for 2018

The Market Mirror on December 7, 2018

One of the key manufacturers covered in a report titled, ‘Global Grant Management System market’ is PeopleSoft Grants Management.

The research covers the market scenario and its growth Forecast 2018-2023 and provides market overview and definitions, applications, raw materials used, product specifications, cost structures, manufacturing processes, etc. The report analyzes the global market scenario, including the product pricing, production and consumption volume, cost, price, value, volume, capacity, supply, demand.

PeopleSoft Grants Management is a web-based grant management software that is designed to handle the entire life cycle of research management, including proposal creation, converting proposals into awards, facilities and administration processing, award tracking, bill creation, and financial reporting.

Oracle and Rimini Street Litigation

Forbes on December 6, 2018

In October, we wrote about Rimini Street (a third-party support provider for PeopleSoft) and its Australian STP certification. Now, news about the legal battle between Oracle and Rimini Street that goes back to 2010 is popping up in the media. The point is that Rimini Street violated the Oracle’s copyrights. As a result, Oracle received more than $100 million from Rimini Street via these legal proceedings. Oracle published a note related to this case.

Don’t put your software investment at risk with disreputable third-party support vendors like Rimini Street. Get the protection you need with Oracle and take advantage of trusted, fully featured security and comprehensive support.

Oracle blog

The legal proceedings also have brought to light the fact that Rimini Street’s discount services don’t include software security patches, a standard security practice Rimini Street founder and CEO Seth Ravin called “outdated” during his trial testimony.

Academic senators discuss PeopleSoft advising notes

CSU SIGNAL on December 6, 2018

It’s time for PeopleSoft news from California State University. Speaker of the Faculty and Chair of the Academic Senate opened Stan State’s Academic Senate meeting on December 4. During the meeting, staff members discussed advising notes that are now available in PeopleSoft, budget priorities, changes to ASCSU presidential search process, and changes to how students give opinions on their professors teaching.

Many professors with advising status will be glad to know that they can put advising notes directly into PeopleSoft.

Students are not able to currently see these advising notes, but still information is considered a public record.

Although it is true that students can not see this information, a great place to put notes that you do want students to see is in Stan planner.

Dr. Nainby (Communication Studies)

Students will soon see a change in the way that they give feedback on their professors.

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