Oracle Soar, Awards and Security Issues

July 5, 2018
peoplesoft news round-p for June 2018

PeopleSoft News Round-up is a news overview that gives an insight into the PeopleSoft-related events as well as brief summaries and links to articles on PeopleSoft security. This is People News Round-up for June 2018 about Oracle Soar, Awards and Security Issues.

More automation with Oracle cloud migration

The Register on June 7, 2018

Oracle’s cloud migration service now “enables customers with applications running on premises to upgrade to Oracle Cloud Applications in as little as 20 weeks” but the payoff is worth. A lot of manual transitions are automated.

“Soar” currently works on E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and Hyperion. The service is designed to help customers migrate from the company’s PeopleSoft suite to cloudy Oracle applications. For Oracle’s clients, it’ll be much easier to migrate than to constantly upgrade E-Business Suite trying to keep it up-to-date. Once you’re in the cloud you shouldn’t worry about upgrading anymore.

Oracle says the cloud does the security as well. The computers Oracle put into the cloud are different to those used by Microsoft and Amazon since separate application and security processors are attached to the same computer, and processors can’t see into the security processor’s memory and vice versa. If there is an attack, Oracle promises that its staff can’t look at customer data or account balances, which sounds quite promising but you should be aware that different side-channel attacks exist and this technology is no silver bullet either.

Sault College annual awards

Sootoday on June 20, 2018

Sault College holds its annual Service and Excellence Awards Ceremony to recognize the outstanding work of the staff in a range of categories.

There is no doubt that these employees love what they do at the College. Their peers see it every day and it’s wonderful to applaud staff who are striving for excellence. The College is proud to recognize their success.

Dr. Ron Common, president of Sault College.

Among their recipients, there is Team of Gina Drinkwater, Lori Battagin, Lauren Rosset – Human Resources Department – for successful implementation of the College’s human resources conversion to PeopleSoft. Congratulations! Keep up your good work.

PeopleSoft news round-up for June 2018: Costly computer system’s flaws

Must Read Alaska on June 22, 2018

SAP business system of the Anchorage municipality has numerous flaws that led to serious payroll problems costing tens of thousands of dollars in fines from union contracts. SAP computer system miscalculated union contracts.

Over the years, the various union contracts have become so complex that it is all but impossible to compute pay accurately. And PeopleSoft had also troubles with it.

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